gripping, flipping, good

Outgoing style, a good mix of improvisational talent and fun on stage

Addi, Timmi, Patti, Manni, Feli and Schwenk...
These adorable names belong to "CHEFETAGE"! Probably the most relaxed cover band since there has been music. Their story began in 2007 with a silver wedding anniversary in the East of Germany. A band was badly needed that was able to play a couple of songs, and bang… CHEFETAGE was born. Emboldened by the positive response and further booking requests, the members decided to continue the band as a hobby. In its beginnings, the band featured two additional members, Micha (Piano) and Romy (singer/female voice), both of whom had soon to leave the band due to private reasons. The remaining five members continued CHEFETAGE the following years with growing popularity. In 2017, female singer Feli joined the up to then all-male band.

Their outgoing style includes a good mix of improvisational talent and fun on stage, turning every gig into a rocking experience. CHEFETAGE’s sound is characterised by its driving, groovy drums, clear guitars, crisp electric bass, and an outstanding upright bass performance. Their predominantly rock-oriented set ranges from AC/DC, Bryan Adams, or Die Ärzte to more relaxed songs by Tom Petty, The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, and Nena. However, for those music-aficionados who are into a slightly more tranquil experience, CHEFETAGE can also soft-rock the stage with an acoustic set.